Live a Great Life

Thanks for your motivation & inspiration on my last post “How to live in present Moment”. The post was viewed around the world & I received emails from everywhere. Lots of my friends contacted me with whom I had lost contact & a lot of others who wanted to connect me for questions & guidance. Regret, Its […]

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SAP – My Passion

I’m referring to those days in early 2003, when I recently joined my first job Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, well known as Tractor Division. My first boss wanted me to learn a lot many things in the process of how warranty department functions, that was the time I was introduced to SAP as a user.. I […]

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I began a new start of Blogging

I’m Sachin, Lot of my friends pinch me for my name been same as the god of cricket “Sachin Tendulkar” Each time I come across this pinch I consider myself lucky. However I’m a common man with big dreams similar to those of god of cricket. I’m an SAP Consultant, its my passion to work in SAP. I’m here […]

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