SAP – My Passion

I’m referring to those days in early 2003, when I recently joined my first job Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, well known as Tractor Division.

My first boss wanted me to learn a lot many things in the process of how warranty department functions, that was the time I was introduced to SAP as a user.. I was enthusiastic as well & i must admit that my boss Mr.Rajendra Paradkar was awesome coach & provided me the space to learn & grow… Well he pushed me to learn them really fast & adapt to my changing role.

I really thanks my team mates Rajendra Paradkar, Rane Dutta, Bhise Ashok, Shewale Rajendra, Kanade Sudhakar & my super boss Mr.K H Ramaswamy & Mr. KR Suryanarayanan.

Slowly as days progressed with the help of my team & seniors guidance, I learned the context of SAP philosophy & principles. I understood the underlines structure & 3 tier architecture layers of SAP.

Then one fine day, I was put in the solution testing for the warranty Re-implementation in SAP 4.7 upgrade landscape, thats when i acquired the learning the various tables & processes flows involved in the processing of a document / object in SAP. That was the the beginning of the spark of passion towards SAP.. from that project I got a Divisional Award & Appreciation letter from Corporate – IT.

From then I created a dream of working in SAP, the dream was very distant..looked like never reachable…….

Today 27th November 2015, I have already completed one year as an Employee of SAP… it took approximately 10 years to convert my dream in to reality…….

Create dreams, Believe them & keep learning!! 🙂 🙂

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Stop being stuck in past & live in present for the future ahead!!


Life is not always consistent, there are good times & tough times. Live in the present to be present in this moment of reality to embrace the future. Think of the future & hold the images of yourself being blessed with life full of fulfillment & endorse your thoughts who manifested you in reality filled with happiness & joy.

In my experience often we are stuck with one failure which haunted us in past & keeps hurting us every day & every moment of present. This feeling of being living in that past is holding me back from being in action about what I want, I would rather say the things that I really really want to bring in reality for myself. However getting to the core of that past I realised that what happened, happened in past & it has no control on what I can do today & doesn’t have any connection with present moment nor with my future

Moment I got to that, I realized that I can manifest the future that I want for myself, the way I want it, it’s about creating that future & holding on to it.. working through it.. being in the process of it.. being in action about it.. living that future in the present moment…living that dream each moment………………. 🙂 🙂

Remember the song “We shall overcome..we shall overcome..we shall overcome someday..deep in my heart I do believe.. we shall overcome someday”

I have my version of the same song..(replace someday with right now) “We shall overcome..we shall overcome..we shall overcome right now..deep in my heart I do believe.. we shall overcome right now”

I began a new start of Blogging

I’m Sachin, Lot of my friends pinch me for my name been same as the god of cricket “Sachin Tendulkar”

Each time I come across this pinch I consider myself lucky. However I’m a common man with big dreams similar to those of god of cricket.

I’m an SAP Consultant, its my passion to work in SAP.

I’m here to blog about my inspirations & inspire others from my experiences & learnings.

Enjoy blogging 🙂

Sachin Inspire.