Live a Great Life

Thanks for your motivation & inspiration on my last post “How to live in present Moment”. The post was viewed around the world & I received emails from everywhere. Lots of my friends contacted me with whom I had lost contact & a lot of others who wanted to connect me for questions & guidance. Regret, Its […]

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Journey “Working on Health”

This is probably my first blog on the Topic of Health. I’m sharing this experience to you, so that some of my experiences might be helpful to you in your journey of “Working on Health” Like most guys working in IT, I have been also struggling to find time & commitment in the area of […]

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SAP – My Passion

I’m referring to those days in early 2003, when I recently joined my first job Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, well known as Tractor Division. My first boss wanted me to learn a lot many things in the process of how warranty department functions, that was the time I was introduced to SAP as a user.. I […]

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I began a new start of Blogging

I’m Sachin, Lot of my friends pinch me for my name been same as the god of cricket “Sachin Tendulkar” Each time I come across this pinch I consider myself lucky. However I’m a common man with big dreams similar to those of god of cricket. I’m an SAP Consultant, its my passion to work in SAP. I’m here […]

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