Journey “Working on Health”


This is probably my first blog on the Topic of Health. I’m sharing this experience to you, so that some of my experiences might be helpful to you in your journey of “Working on Health”

Like most guys working in IT, I have been also struggling to find time & commitment in the area of health.

It all started 3 weeks back when I analysed my failures from my previous attempts on working on health, some of my key challenges were lack of commitment, cynicism, scarcity of time, past failed experiences & lastly the traps of the circumstance that I cannot focus on my work & health at the same time, I’m so passionate at my work, that health comes secondary.

There was another hidden challenge, which I discovered was my attitude towards exercise & health. My attitude was “to expect results very quickly”. I changed my attitude towards focusing on the process, rather than worrying about results.

In order to arrive at the process, I did lot of research to arrive at a diets plans that is easy to make & less time consuming, obviously considering the mix of fats, carbohydrates & protein, secondly I arrived at another attitude shift which is not to have a fixed schedule for exercise, since often in past I had frustration on not hitting the schedule. So I just made a commitment that I will go every day to gym & if I couldn’t go one of the day.. the next day no matter what happens, I shall go..

As I started exercise the feeling came again on 2nd day & 4th day.. that it is not working, I’m having pain in all joints, I’m getting tired very quickly ……that moment came again…having the difficulty in sleeping..the feeling of giving up came again.. In that moment I made another shift in my attitude towards exercise by sitting in the gym till I feel better to do the next rep, waited in the gym & gave myself time to settle down, worked through my emotions & got back to next rep….Slowly I learned from my experience that feeling matters the most.. if I’m not feeling good in what I’m doing.. I will soon give up…& secondly If I do not spend more time in doing something in which I have been struggling, I will not be able to learn how to overcome the struggle..

In order to work on my feeling, I did more research on what will make the feeling better for me. I did some experiments & then realized that cardio on treadmill for more than 30 mins gives me good feeling, but I tried to learn the reason behind it.. I arrived at a conclusion that the good feeling is mainly because the CORE strengthens by doing cardio ( CORE – is your midsection and it involves all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides. The core includes the traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats. These muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body.)

Thus I changed my strategy, Focus is purely on working on CORE strengthening exercises, feeling got better, the more better feeling.. the more eagerness to go to gym. As slowly my CORE got stronger I started expanding on arms & other parts. But largely still the focus is only CORE.. & do one or two other exercises.

The other aspect is time, there is no alternative for time. Fortunately these days I’m working in a role, which gives me little more personal extra time. However a key change I have made to get more time is to go to exercise, when my personal time starts.. either early morning 5:00 AM or late night 10 PM.. since in these timing nobody can disturb me or stop me from spending long hours in I’m fighting with my thoughts, not worrying about results & focusing on the process & learning to overcome past challenges..

Its has been just about 3 week & I haven’t achieved a lot yet, my experience is giving me good insights & the Journey “Working on Health” is slowly getting better.

To summaries the Key learning is to focus on process rather than results, watch out your feeling, Focus on the main thing “CORE” to get the strength & then build on it..

Appreciate you reading a long blog :), I hope my experience helps you in your Journey of “Working on Health”

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