How to live in present moment!!

cropped-cropped-fcd43b473c547831196c7ce40df3f02f21.jpgHi Everyone,

I hope you guys liked my previous post on “Stop being stuck in past & live in present for the future ahead”

A lot of friends liked my thoughts on how to stop being stuck in past, however most of them requested me to throw a deep dive understanding on how part of the living in present moment.

Following thoughts I generally follow to overcome being stuck in past:

  • Being Complete
  • Live in the present moment
  • Plan / Create the future

Being Complete : Well being complete is not about completing something to finish things off or close the chapter or forget what happened.

Being complete is about accepting the reality, accepting the way things are or the way things are not. Being complete is also about accepting the reality & looking forward to what next can be done rather than cribbing about the way things are in life.

Being complete can be achieved by many different ways, each one of us may have our own way of becoming complete about situations, circumstances or realities in life. One of the way I have been using from a long time is to be honest about the mess you created & request for forgiveness. Moment you are honest about your thoughts & you tell upfront even though you might be wrong about it. When you say the truth & request for forgiveness & make a commitment to yourself & others that you will not repeat it. That moment you get complete about what happened.

Well there are circumstances in life wherein, you did wrong to someone who is already died or you do not know their whereabouts. Then write a letter to that person addressing him / her & telling her everything that you want to say & inform with full truthfulness & request for an apology & make a commitment in the letter about the future. That moment you will get relieved from the past & start living the future in the commitment you made to that person.

Live in the present moment :

Living in the present moment is about being present / living in utter consciousness about what you are doing & saying in life.

For example; while driving your car you are thinking about what you are suppose to do once you reach office & the activities you have not honored your commitments / timelines.

This is how we have trained subconscious mind to behave, you are always worried about something you did not do & something which has not happened the way you wanted it to happen.

Rather start living in present moment, while you are eating an ice-cream enjoy it fully in that moment. While you are reading a book stay present to what you are reading & enjoy that moment of reading.

Living in present moment keeps us on our toes all times & we are aware of what commitments we have made & we are always in action about our commitments & present to our actions.

Thus you are always on your toes towards honoring commitments made to yourself  & commitment made to others, which in a way helps you to stop being stuck in the past & live in the present moment.

Plan / Create the future :

Prepare plan for everything that you want to do & accomplish in life. Set target dates to each of the goals in your personal life as well.

Planning future events & activities, keeps your enthusiasm & excitement going about the future accomplishments & those plans calls you to take actions.

Those actions that would accomplish your personal goals in life gives you happiness & power to take on bigger challenges in life & a ways to fight with your past thoughts.

Once you plan & start taking action on the plan, you start becoming proactive about your future. You find confidence & interest in doing things.

Once things start happening, you start planning those things which you could not accomplish in the past & take actions to make things happen in those area as well.

Planning your personal future takes away the past from you & you are always living in the enthusiasm of making your future plans successful.

Thus to summaries, once you are complete about your past & you live in the present moment to accomplish you future, you have learned how to live in the present moment.

Live in the present moment, in this moment, in right now.. Here while you are reading this blog… .feel it fully.. in this moment..

Create you future & live in the present moment for the future ahead.

Create dreams, Believe them & keep learning!!

Sachin Inspire!!




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